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5 Best Ways To Increase Your Website Rank & Traffic By Enhancing Customer Engagement

Attraction & Retention are two major focus of website marketing. With the advent in digital marketing, you may drive traffic to your website but it is of no use if you can’t retain them. Not just in terms of your ROI, even Google algorithm counts bounce rate as a negative aspect so it affects your rank. So according to some elite web development companies in Australia, here we have enlisted some best customer engagement ways.


Fastest Speed & User-Friendly

Website page speed or load time should be very fast. Maximum it can be 2 to 2.5 sec or less. All pages, images and content should load very fast without trying on visitor’s patience. Call to Action, Instruction and Navigation should be easy and user-friendly.


Quality Content Marketing

Content is King. But quality should take over quantity. Content should be

– Knowledge-based, useful for customers related to the specific product.

– Should be engaging and ultra-useful.

– Should have the instruction on how to use to get the best result.

– Should also provide updates about the new development related to same.

Under website development services, one of the most important part is making a blog page which is distinctive, easy to use and can add exuberant images or video. A study revealed that a website with quality blogs gets 126% more leads than those without a blog.


Pop Up Box to catch up with your customers

Through effective organic and paid marketing you can successfully fetch visitors to your website but if you can’t keep track of them then the effort goes unutilized. Top notch digital marketing agencies in Australia says that digital marketing campaigns work effectively only when the website is well developed. To hold back your exit-intent customers use Exit Intent Popups. It analyzes the user’s behaviour and thus promptly targets a campaign when they are just about to leave. It is a stellar process to build up your customer’s email ids or contact details list.


Chat Box to Home Page

A live chat box on the home page of the website makes the interaction faster. But nowadays web development companies in Australia suggest their clients to put a real image or a real name of the executive on chat support so that customers get a real feel of interaction. This enhance trust and is more productive in conversion.


Quiz or Feedback

Customers don’t mind staying back for 2 mins to answer the quiz. And through that, you can analyze customer’s desires, statistics, feedback and requirements. This can extremely help you in developing the service or product category. Along with that as long as your customers stay on your website the Google matrix gives credit to you.


Accessible Through All Browsers & Responsive

Your website should open in all browser. And it should also be visible through all electronics gadgets like IPad, mobile, Tab and desktop. Speed should be good. And based on the product it should have the certain virtual trial option.


Data Analysis

The best part of digital marketing is that you can quantify success rate in each case. So you may run different campaigns and try out all the above methods. Based on the performance matrix you can get an overview and thus focus on the one which is fetching traffic and engaging customers more. So integrating website matrix tools is very important.