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Speed Up Your Website…Want To Know How…Here Are 5 Best Ways

Visitors of your website can maximum hold on for 2 minutes to open a webpage or else 57% of them would hit back button. Which is not just losing a lead from conversion rather affecting your rank on Google also. Bounce rate is a threat to your website. It kills all efforts and investments. Prime internet marketing companies in Australia at first audit the website speed and other errors before taking up any project. As only a good structured website can best yield result of marketing otherwise efforts are wasted.

Google marks up to 3 sec as standard, up to 7-sec average and more than 7 sec as poor website speed. Amazon in a report on 2006 said that they speed up their website in every 100 millisecond which increases their revenue by 1%.

Combine & minify files to reduce HTTPS requests

80% of the webpage load time is consumed by downloading different components of the page, e.g, images, style sheet, and script. And 1 HTTPs request is done for each of these components. Hence more you put on-page components more the download time increases. CSS, HTML and JavaScript files also increase such HTTPS request. To keep it under control files needs to be minified and combined. There are affordable web designing companies in Australia who monitors these details and accordingly structure the web content which further boosts up the site performance and helps conversion. So before assigning your website projects to any company just not look into the price and looks of the website. As functionality is the ultimate goal.

Optimizing Javascript & CSS files

Synchronously or asynchronously are two major ways to download files and appear as a webpage when anyone clicks for a particular page or URL. Doing it in the synchronous method is more time taking as the entire file download from top to bottom at a time otherwise it shows white page to viewers which may increase bounce rate. Hence do it in the asynchronous mode so that it downloads simultaneously and visitors are left with some information or content while the rest of the page downloads. As JavaScript files are larger so it is better to defer download of these files.

Better to use a CDN or Content Delivery Network

CDN speeds up the website by reducing the Https request and saving bandwidth up to 60%. It distributes the bandwidth among many servers hence reduces the load on one server and also protects from traffic spikes or attacks.

Responsive design

As most of the website are now accessed from mobile so it should be a responsive site. As WIFI connective or 3g/4g connectivity is slower than wired connection generally used on a desktop so speed issues often come while accessing the website from mobile.

Optimizing images and limit objects on the same page

Size of the image adversely affects the load time of the webpage. So images should not be very big, it should be resized or thumbnailed. Simultaneously quality should also be considered. Each page layout should have separate information blocks to limit objects on the same page. It is better not to use auto-playing video on a webpage.

Most of the consultants providing SMO services packages check the website efficiency before running any social media campaign or ad posting as conversion depends on website efficacy in terms of design, functionality, coding, and structure. Google ranking is also highly affected by load time of the website. Look of the webpage should be coherent along with that content, search, filter, speed, and images also add to the credibility.