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5 Best Ways Of Mobile Marketing For Start-Ups

It is estimated that 27.0 million people in Australia are using a smartphone. If you are a startup and want to set your brand awareness then what can be better than Mobile marketing? This platform provides personalized information, geographical location based accessibility and fastest reachability to consumers. Hence promoting and influencing consumers’ buying habit is most effective through this platform. Premium digital marketing packages in Australia include mobile marketing as an integral mode as 30% of e-commerce sale across the globe is done through smart phones. 5 best ways that can fortify conversion through mobile marketing are as follows.

SMS blast or Business WhatsApp

For start-ups with lesser budget things should be strategic and cost-effective. To kick start marketing in the mobile segment SMS blast is an effective method. You can send a customized message with special offers or gift coupons to instantly fetch customer’s attention.

Through business WhatsApp option you may send video or GIP messages that are flashy and instantly reaches the mass consumer in a single shot. You may wish them on every occasion, send customized messages. And the best part is sending QR codes. With QR or Quick Response code, you can enhance user experience and increase sales instantly. The consumer can use the code or you may give e-coupon with a scan-able option which can attract more consumers.

Gift Coupon or Push Notification

Push notification also works wonder. 73% of the consumers buy products after getting a gift coupon through push notification. Such loyalty programs delivered to consumers through mobile phone media is effective than sending through emails or other modes.

Mobile Apps

Through mobile apps, you can always keep connected and engage consumers. You can send notification, updates, offers and special customized discounts. Nearly one-fifth of sales by online marketing are fetched through mobile apps. Through mobile apps, you can also get a lot of information about the consumer, his/her buying habits, choice and a lot more. Also you may send push notifications through apps which are even more effective.

Responsive mobile website

As a start-up, you may not invest in mobile apps making but having a website establishes an identity on the online business segment. And yet with this website, you can serve mobile browsing consumer with efficacy. Get an affordable web development company from Australia who knows your geographical consumers’ demand and sentiments. Do make a responsive website so that your customers can open it very easily on mobile as well. Page loading time should be less than 3 sec and mobile navigation options should be easy. Color, font, images, and videos should support and suit mobile visibility.

Mobile-specific ads, banners or contents

For SEO mobile optimized keywords should be used. Content is king. Hence most of the digital marketing and content marketing packages in Australia includes both short and long contents for ads, video or banners which can attract consumers attention modulated to mobile search and navigation. Mobile-based content marketing is crispy and designs are focusing the comfortability of thumb navigation.

As mobile marketing potentially influences online sales so Google is giving special credibility to mobile-optimized website or apps. Being responsive is not just a choice but rather a compulsion nowadays. The upcoming decade is about to witness a more promising mode of selling through mobile.