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2019 Verging With 10 Must-Know Video Marketing Statistics To Revamp Your Strategy

Video marketing is culminating a sharp growth in digital marketing segment. Key playing corporate houses are conferring a major part of their marketing success to video strategy. Small business units are also thriving on same. Especially social media marketing for small business is confiding on video ads and video demos which reportedly marked instant hike in ROI graph.




Video on the website  

Top web designing company in Australia prefers adding video to their client’s website in giving a demo or for a call to action or for virtual shopping as it attracts 300% more traffic. Such a website enhances the opportunity by 53% to be on the 1st page of Google compared to a website with only readable text or images. And integrating video on landing page can increase conversion to 80%. 


Impact of Video in SEO marketing  

Organic search increases to 157% by video marketing. 79% of customers or viewers like to watch live than reading content. Rather video content expands SEO focus. Some of the SEO agencies in Australia are using additional target keywords to widen the scope of the search. They suggest to always use clickable website link with the video. 


Facebook Video story 

Social media is the best platform to propagate video as sharing option is very effective there. 61.8% of viewers prefer to watch an ad on Facebook. But Facebook videos should come with text as 85% of videos are watched without sound on this platform. 48% more views are received on video ads in social media.  


1 billion hours on YouTube 

Per day 1 billion hours is spent on YouTube. It is assessed by some digital marketing and SEO agency in Australia that 95% of message explained or showed in the video gets retained by consumers whereas only 10% gets retained when conveyed through text. 65% population watch YouTube to solve problems related to daily life chores.  


With an increase in smartphone usage, video ads got more reach 

75% of played videos are on mobile devices. 92% of shared video ads are on mobile. The year 2020 is predicted to enhance mobile internet usage as 1 million minutes per day watching videos. Social videos have 1200% more shares than text messages. 


Online ads transverse TV ads  

Watching online ads is rising by 100% per year. Out of 10 people, 6 prefer watching online videos. 55% of people in the world population watch online videos every day. This has become a great strength for social media marketing of small business to do branding in minimum budget. 


Quality of video is a major factor 

Audio and video quality should be very good to retain customers. 67% of viewers leave out the video if it is not of good quality. So the quality should match the brand or product standard. 


Videos should have Call to Action 

After engaging with video you should tell your customers where to go next. 45% of viewers prefer to get in touch or browse link of the website after sharing or liking the video. 


Video with audio and script 

Video with both audio and script is preferable as can be well understood by the majority of consumers. To showcase products or service on website maximum web designing company in Australia adds a video with script and voice which also shows a demo of how to use. This increase consumers’ engagement on the website and positively contributes to Google rank metrics. 


Boost Email marketing with Videos 

Email marketing or newsletter marketing has got a new dimension of propagation and success rate by integrating video and animation with it. 200 to 300% click-through rates has been boosted by it.