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Check Through 5 Major Gateways To Know If Your Website Is Performing Well

Key Performance Indicator or KPI let you measure your website’s performance and determine the ROI or growth of your website by the impact of different marketing campaigns. Considering its various parameters you can determine the growth according to your specified industry segment. Integrating website performance tools is important for this purpose. When you get your website developed by a top notch website development company in Australia they code the website in a way which makes it easier to integrate any such tool for quantifying business growth. Let’s check 5 major ways to analyze the performance of your website.


Goal Progress

Setting a goal is very important to start up any campaign. Best digital marketing agencies in Australia suggest a close analysis of goal progress to build a strong strategy and execution. Characteristics of a strategic goal should be:-

· Clear and specific

· Attainable

· Measurable

· Realistic

· Time-bound


Google Analytics In Session And User Measuring

Google analytics measures the reach and impact of your audience. Two major parameters are Session and User. The session is referred to the number of visits and User is unique visitors. It also analyzes the ratio of new vs. returning customers that your website gets on a daily basis. This data is very important for you. Or if you have deputed any digital marketing agency in Australia to augment the marketing growth then they will at first use this data to plan further campaigns. This data needs to be analyzed every month, quarterly and yearly. Returning user or customers are good for the website.


Source Of Visitors

Analyzing the source which is directing traffic or visitors to your website is another important point. Also, it is necessary to analyze which specific keywords are diverting more users or traffic to your website. It differs from industry to industry. By closely studying the campaign which is productive helps

you to plan a further marketing strategy. Before offering any SEO services package digital marketing agency analyzes potential keyword to augment the marketing strategy.


Bounce Rate And Session Time

According to Google bounce rate is defined as “the percentage of visits that go to only one page before exiting a site.” Major conditions under determining g bounce rate are:-

· If your website is existed only by clicking any external link.

· Back button hit.

· Typing the wrong URL by the visitor

· Close the window immediately

· Early session out time.


Retaining the visitors for a long time on your website is a great deal which is marked as a positive aspect by Google. It means that your website has relevant content which addresses their requirement and this refers to session time. But if they leave just within some time it is referred to as bounce rate. Long session time and a low bounce rate are necessary for determining the health and growth of a productive website.


Conversion Rate & CTA

A user-friendly, well-navigated website plays a vital role in converting leads to customers. Measuring the conversion rate and the campaign source leading to the same is a vital parameter. Call to Action is an important aspect of your website. It should be effectively designed so that visitors take up the next step of downloading or call or add to cart which can take up to the next step.


For website growth and development, the look is definitely important but functionality, effectiveness, and progress are majorly required.